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ACRO Textile Mills is ranked among the top 10 textile mills of Pakistan, and has highly influenced the market with its remarkable growth in a very short span of time. The company launched its operations as a private limited company, with a small spinning unit comprising of 18,576 spindles. However, we set the bar so high for ourselves that we grew double by expanding the company facilities and beating the records of our initial production within the first 2 years. Besides, we also launched two brand new subsidiary ginning mills in Rahim Yar Khan. The company made big investment in hiring and training of the workforce, which lead to innovative ideas and strategies for the maintenance of unbeatable product quality and highly reputed market position.      

Enhancing the production facilities meant more business, increased challenges, compliance with industry standards and above all achieving 100% client satisfaction was of utmost importance. Therefore, before setting up the goals for the company business development team, we conducted a detailed research on national and international market to see what exactly we needed to distinguish ourselves in the textile industry.

As our first milestone we established the most advance technology and business practices to be able to create standardised products for national and international acceptability. Today, the organization's production facilities comprise of highly equipped laboratories and machinery. The overall production capacity is now 175,000 bags per year with an annual turnover of 4.5 billion Pak rupees (financial year 2009-2010).

ACRO GINNING - The self-owned ginning unit enables the company to control 70% of product quality as the units are equipped with internationally standard SAW machines, while implementing a seamless quality control process throughout all 4 units. This unit is responsible for the separation of seeds from raw cotton, removal of moisture and impurities and the production of quality fibre in the form of compressed cotton bales. This setup has stimulated massive growth of company production capacity and quality. We started off with a capacity of 15 to 20 bales per hour and today we have reached the capacity of about 50 bales per hour and 1,200 bales per day.

ACRO SPINNING - The spinning unit was initially established with 18,576 spindles capacity (machine model: FA-507), which has today grown to the capacity of 39,696spindles.This unit is also equipped with other latest machinery imported from Italy, India, China and Switzerland, for various sections including Blow Room, Carding, Drawing, Combers, Ring and Auto Cone. Here, the processed cotton bales sent by the ginning unit are further processed for the production of value added yarn. At every step the quality monitors are responsible for checking the consistency of yarn quality based on set criterion, with the help of electronic sensors. All results are recorded 24/7, throughout the production cycle. The total production capacity of the spinning unit is around 500 bags per day.

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