Quality Standards
The primary objective of our organization is "Unprecedented Quality", as the company's growth and quality of products are directly proportional to each other. We ensure products conformation with the industry compliant standards and client specified requirements, by maintaining a quality system of inspection and testing of material / end product at every stage of production and a fully managed IT enabled operational cycle.  

Quality Control / Assurance Team

ACRO Textile Mills own the biggest ginning plant of the country, which handles almost 70% of the qualityright from the beginning as we produce our own raw material. However, we have established an independent quality assurance and control department to ensure 100% implementation of quality procedures throughout the entire production cycle. The reason for keeping this department independent is to maintain impartial judgement and quality verification throughout all divisions. As a result, not only the product is conformed the production team also stays highly alert to avoid any mistakes that can lead to serious consequences.

Our Quality team is highly qualified with degrees and diploma's including training and certification in advanced materials, applications and methodologies used in high technology and science-based industries. Moreover, the team is continuously trained by industry experts for a better understanding of textile industry techniques such as environmentally-friendly textiles and their production and processing; application of enzymes and other chemicals in textile processes and safety measures.

Modern Laboratories with Technically Advance Mechanisms

ACRO laboratories are equipped with the following machinery to verify the consistency of product quality at every stage of the product development cycle:

  • Advance fibre information system (AFIS Pro) (Switzerland)
  • Premier art cotton tester (HVI)
  • Lea Strength Tester
  • Wrapping Reel (Japan)
  • Motor Driven Yarn Inspector
  • Splicer Meter
  • UsterTensorapid
  • Uster Tester-3
  • Moisture Meter
  • Shirley Analyser
  • Auto Sorter - 3 (Switzerland)
  • Fibrograph-630 (Switzerland)

Raw Cotton Selection &Contamination Testing

Since, ACRO is representing Pakistan throughout the world the Quality team makes sure that the best available cotton isselected, whether it is our self-yielded cotton or from any other vendors. Selected cotton is first sent to the lab for grading via cotton grading machines that are set up; only the fully qualified product is sent over to the mixing department. The grading criteria are primarily the staple length, fibre strength and weight. Rejected cotton is either sold out or returned to the vendor. While the cotton is tested for quality, we also conduct a contamination test to ensure the removal of all type of impurities to be able to produce 100% pure cotton bales.

Quality Assurance in Carding, Drawing Comber, and Auto Cone Departments

On verification of cotton quality at the mixing stage, it is sent over to the Carding department where the cotton is further processed by carding machines. Before further processing by the Drawing department, any dust from the cotton is removed by multi drum waste dust remover JYFL III 27 installed in the Carding section. The next stage is the Drawing stage where the cotton is further verified by the QA team using Rieter RSB D30 machines. Similarly the cotton is passed over to the Comber and Auto cone departments, and the products are stamped for quality check at every single stage.

Final Fibre Testing By Uster AFIS Pro Version 2

The final testing of the cotton fibre is done by the world recognized and industry recommended Swiss machinery "Uster AFIS Pro Version 2". We are one of the few textile mills with this latest machinery installed in our laboratories, as it is the first requirement of our clients. Uster testing and verification is the most important part of our product and service demonstration to our clients, throughout the world. Before final packing of yarn, the QC team is responsible for matching the product consistency with the quality standards defined internally as well as the client's requirements.

Quality Certifications

  • The company is in process of acquiring ISO-9001:2000 certification that will be an evidence ofimplementing the industry best practices.
  • We're also appearing for Uster certification for our ginning plant, which will be a great achievement as currently only 5 to 6 ginning units in Pakistan are Usterised.

With our continued efforts we will not only build Pakistan's business reputation throughout the world, but also set the benchmark for the textile industry.

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